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  • Graduate in 12 Weeks
  • Make Up To $18 hr
  • Evening & Weekend Classes
  • We Help With Dental Career Placement
  • Hands-On Staffing Company
  • Small Class Sizes


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North Dallas School Of Dental Assistants: Next Class Starts Soon! Act Now

july 6th 2019
May 30th 2019
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How We Stack Up

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12 Weeks

$ 4,500

35 Weeks


36 Weeks


37 Weeks


Disclaimer: Competitor program lengths and tuition costs were last updated in December of 2019 and is based on public information viewed on websites and other resources. All costs are subject to change. See something outdated? Please email northdallasschoolofdentalassistants.com

Welcome to Our Dental School

The goals of this program is to encourage students to further their knowledge in the dental profession by learning not only concepts in dental assisting



Dallas Dental Assistant School offices would admit to being hesitant in hiring applicants who have minimal to no work experience and require on the job training.

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This course is designed to provide students with an education the will allow them to have clinical as well as administrative skills which makes them a very valuable asset to any dental office.